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Welcome to World Pageant Network!

World Pageant Network was born out of the collaboration of La Puce with Patoune Éditions.

At this publishing house, she created the collection Pageant by writing an anthology about this world to show that it’s not just glitter and glamour.

Through her research and numerous interviews, she realized that, apart from the top 10 competitions, most organizations had little or even minimal media coverage. Getting information about their history proved to be complicated, such as being able to reach them for questioning.

So she imagined a site (in the form of Wikipedia) where all contests — regardless of size — could relay their activities, but where a moderator would validate the information in order to keep a critical and independent eye on the world in order to be able to denounce the various malfunctions, as well as the scams that can occur in this middle. Welcome to Wikipageant.

Then she proposed to launch a magazine on international competitions only. After weeks of reflection and brainstorming, Pageant Inside is being developed.

Other projects are still being considered and will soon join the brands of the World Pageant Network group. They are carried out in cooperation with Patoune Editions.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to come and participate in our community. We are listening to all your ideas.

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