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During our research for our encyclopedia, it was difficult to find information on a vast majority of contests. We had to do numerous investigations within the archives of local, regional newspapers to obtain some briefs and, above all, to verify the information provided by the directors interviewed.

At Patoune Éditions, we found that there was something missing in the world of pageantry and the idea of offering enthusiasts a source of regular, reliable information on all international competitions began to sprout in our minds. After months of reflection, brainstorming, Inside Pageant was born.

Inside Pageant will be a monthly magazine published by Patoune Éditions under the control of World Pageant Network teams. The purpose of this magazine is to celebrate, highlight all international competitions, small and large, often neglected by the press, and portray all facets of pageantry.

We want to highlight all the sometimes amazing actions of organizations, but also the commitments of the winners to improve their community, our world. These are frequently examples for younger generations. Our monthly will share the reality of their lives, show behind the scenes of the contests with in-depth reports and meet the winners and candidates to make them known to you.

Many appointments will be in the spotlight on the magazine’s website such as a Friday press review, the crowning moments of Tuesday and many more, but we will not reveal everything to you today… Find us on the Inside Pageant website.


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